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Everything You Need to Know About Container Gardening


container gardening


A bountiful harvest of vegetables and flowers in your garden begins with a container. That's right, you don't need to have half your backyard devoted to gardening in order to enjoy tasty vegetables or grow your flower bulbs. Plant and vegetable container gardening is a simple, but effective way to start a limited space garden. The technique of container gardening allows anyone, from those with large patios to those living in a high-rise in the urban jungle, to enjoy container gardening just the same. With the proper amount of sunlight and careful monitoring of watering, plant and vegetable container gardening can really grow on you! 

What Container is Right for My Garden?
The choices for containers are really up to you. Clay pots, wooden crates, shoes, barrels, or even buckets will do the job for plant and vegetable container gardening. The key factor to remember is what you're putting in your container before growing your vegetables or flower bulbs.

Drainage holes are a must. When bought from a store, drainage holes will likely already be in the container you buy. However, being creative with items substituted for containers around your house will require manual drainage system implementation. Relax, this just means you need to make a couple of holes in the bottom of your container garden! Be careful not to make your container holes too large in order to prevent soil loss.

The Dirt On Soil
Be careful on the type of soil you use for your container garden, whether it is a flower container garden or vegetable container garden. Soil reused from old containers can sometimes be lacking in the proper nutrients needed for starting a garden. It is also wise to mix in peat moss with container garden soil; so transplanted soil from the yard may not be sufficient. To ensure you have the best soil mixture it is recommended to buy from a reputable gardening store. Soil mixtures specifically for plant and vegetable container gardening usually contain the proper distribution of peat moss and nutrients. Also recommended is sterile soilless mix, containing no insects or weed seeds.

Growing a Container Garden
When deciding which plants to put in your vegetable container garden or flower garden, be sure to consider what amount of shade or sunlight you have available. You may also want to consider alternating plant colors for a more impressive vegetable container garden or flower garden display. Consider combining colors of light or medium tone together and alternating shades throughout the container garden. Regardless of vegetable or flower type chosen, it may be advisable to construct your container garden out of about half foliage plants. These will provide color throughout the blooming cycle of other plants, vegetables, or flowers in your gardening container. 

Whatever container gardening technique you use, be sure to plan ahead. Never begin growing anything in your containers without visualizing or sketching your ideas first. Without proper planning you could plant the wrong mix of vegetables or flowers and have an unbalanced container garden. With a little attention to planning and proper watering however, you can have a container garden to be proud of.


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