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Top gardening gifts for all budgets



Not sure what to buy the gardener on your list? Based off reviewer feedback and visitor ratings, we’ve come up with the Gardening Essentials Gardener Gift Guide with ideas for all budgets. If you look through the list and still can’t decide what’s right for your special one, don’t fret, because you can always buy a gardening gift certificate to please almost anyone.






APS Starter Kit  – The easy solution to seed starting kits! Includes everything you need to get started growing your own plants from seed.


Easy Open Composter  – the granddaddy of all composters, sure to please any die-hard gardener gift request! This high performance model mixes faster and handles bigger loads than any other tumbling composter offered. So efficient, you’ll have finished compost in just weeks!


Boot Brush *New price – keep the floors clean and your sanity in check with the durable boot brush. Helps keep mud off the floor and outside where it belongs.


Felco Pruners  *Top rated – a Gardening Essentials user favorite. Felco pruners are rated among the most well-constructed and reliable pruners for new, or seasoned gardeners.


Flame Weeder  – help save the environment and forget the use of chemicals when you weed around the yard or garden. The flame weeder kills weeds on contact with no fuss and no mess!


Power Loppers $30+ – Less effort and more power for tough pruning jobs. These lightweight loppers cut branches up to 2” thick with ease.

Self Watering Planters Starting at $19 – Self watering planters are great when you're away or can't attend to all your plants on given days. Shop the gardeners choice selections of planters.


Electric Flickering Candles  – Get 26 hours on a single charge, and no waxy mess! The realistic candle appearance makes these great for holiday decorating!


Rain Barrels *New low price – Save water and get the nutrients of natural rain for your favorite gardener. Sure to be appreciated.


Squirrel Proof Hanging Feeder  – Now birds can eat without the disruption of squirrels climbing aboard to steal a meal. Put it up in minutes.  Great gift idea under $30!


Copper Snow Gauge Makes measuring the snow fun for the whole family, and much warmer! See how many inches of snow you get all winter long with an easy to read copper snow gauge. A winter gardener gift they will love.


Snuggle Slippers *Several styles available – After a hard day out in the garden the last thing you want is uncomfortable slippers. These slippers are extra comfy and durable enough for quick outside chores as well as inside use.


Bird Roosting Pockets – Place in trees or shrubs of any size. Woven from natural grasses, they offer great protection for birds during cold weather.


Gardener Gift Certificates $10-$100 – Choose the amount you’d like and send certificate in the mail or email your gift to anyone instantly!