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Garden Supply Checklist 101: 

Theres a lot of turf to cover when youre gardening and want to be sure youre prepared to handle it. If youre just getting into gardening or simply want to be sure you have all the garden supply essentials to perform your best out there, then this is the list to check first. Based on user garden tool recommendations and feedback, weve compiled a list of the most popular gardener supplies and gardening tools all gardeners should have around. Keeping these items on hand should get you off to a great start or make your gardening experience even better than it already is!    


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        Tomato Cages  Customer favorite! these heavy-duty, galvanized steel tomato cages are strong enough to support full-grown vines loaded with tomatoes! You can also stack one tomato cage on top of another to support even the tallest tomato plants.

        Garden Scoot now sit while you garden, and move around without getting up! The comfortable tractor-style seat is adjustable and swivels a full 360 degrees to let you perform and endless number of outdoor tasks.

       Garden Kneeler Save those knees and add more comfort to your gardening activities. A kneeler is an inexpensive and must-have addition for any garden!

        Coil Hoses  (75-100ft recommended) - Invest wisely in good hoses! Gardening Essentials has heard from many a gardener, that saving a couple bucks on cheap hoses is not worth it. You will likely end up springing a leak in your cheap hose and flushing your savings down the drain! Coil hoses are high quality and less fuss.  

        Garden Cart *Top-rated Very handy for bulky items and moving somewhat heavier objects to and fro. Again, its best to invest in a quality garden cart so you dont lose your wheels halfway to the garden! 

        Wheelbarrow A real back saver for hauling rocks, dirt, bricks, etc. A durable, heavier model will serve you the longest. Less expensive plastic models may suffice at first, but will wear much faster. New, motorized option also available!

        Long handle shovel Very useful and will come in handy more than you can imagine! A long handle shovel is one you'll likely use often.  

        Back Saver Stool *garden in comfort! Step in to the next generation of garden stools! This innovative rocking stool is designed to prevent back and knee pain for any type of gardening or outdoor activity.

        Hand Pruners Many types to choose from, but Gardening Supply Essentials has received feedback that Felco pruners are among the best. However, other brands are offered and you can choose the best option that suits you.

       Multi-Use Garden Sprayer (2-5 gallon recommended) Anything under this and youll be filling the sprayer more than youre spraying! Great for many uses around yard or garden. 

       Compost Bin  Help save nature by recycling your kitchen waste and making a great fertilizer!  Save money and get nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden. 

        Garden Rake Rake more with less work! The garden rake is a great gardening tool to keep by your side in the garden all day.

Buying good garden and yard equipment will last longer, and you will get your money's worth in the long run. Maintenance is also key to keeping your tools and gardening supplies in good shape. Always sharpen blades and grease your tools when necessary. Performing these basic functions can keep you gardening safely and effectively for many seasons to come!  Want to know more? Read more about basic garden tools.

Looking for Other Helpful Gardening Supplies?

Have all the basic gardening supplies covered? Then be sure and visit our Gardener's Wishlist for an extended list of gardening products our visitors recommend adding to any collection.

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