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Supplies For Every Gardener's Wishlist:

Great items to add to your gardening supply arsenal! 

You might have all the basic gardening essentials, but do you have these products? After much user feedback on gardening supplies and great products that are must-haves, weve compiled the gardening essentials wishlist for you. Below you will find some of the latest innovations in tools and garden supplies. Many new and original products will be featured here as they become available, so be sure to check back often to find out what you could be missing out on.   



(Click the blue text on any item for more detail or to purchase)  

       Folding Wheelbarrow Save space in the garden shed without sacrificing strength. The folding wheelbarrow holds up to 300 lbs and has comfort grips for easy use. Easy to fold and store when finished using.

        SpaceSaver Composter  Recycle in the yard! Put that nutrient-rich compost to use. Many shapes and sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. See the varieties offered and choose one that fits your yard the best.

        Electric leaf shredder  Saves time, space, and money by combining 5-10 bags of leaves down to just one! Handles wet or dry leaves easily. A great addition to your yard and gardening supply arsenal!  

        Garden Caddy  Move heavy planters and garden plants without straining your back. Heavy construction and easy glide wheels will help you move up to 200lbs with virtually no effort!

       Tabletop Seedstarting Light Kit  One of the best-made compact models you can buy, with everything you need to start seedlings or grow exotic plants indoorseven full-spectrum bulbs!

        Wireless Weather Station  - Thanks to advanced wireless technology, this one compact unit tells you the exact time and date, transmitted by satellite from the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado; plus indoor temperature, indoor humidity, outdoor temperature, and the weather forecast.

        Aqua Cones  *Vacation Savers - Turn your old soda bottles into a super-easy, super-efficient irrigation system. Aqua Cones are designed to target each plant's root zone and to work with any soil type so your plants dont dry out.

        Linking Stakes  - The ingenious design will support most any annual or perennial, from asters to zinnias. Link as many stakes together as you would like.

        Noodlehead Sprinkler  - The Noodlehead Sprinkler waters irregularly shaped flower beds without wasting water on nearby sidewalks or buildings.  Watering & gardening with less hassle, a must have!  Noodlehead sprinkler.

       Heavy Duty Garden Cart  The mother of all garden carts! Made of heavy-duty construction for handling the toughest of payloads. These carts roll easily over difficult  terrain and around corners because the load is balanced over a steel axle and large pneumatic tires.

       English Tip Bags  - These hands-free bags made yard and garden cleanup a breeze! The woven-polypropylene garden bags have a wide base and plastic hoop rim so they stand up wherever they're put. Both your hands remain free for gathering leaves, weeds, or grass clippings.



      Hopefully our rundown of items for every gardener's wishlist has something on it for you or the gardener in your life. We list only products that have been recommended by many others, or are rated as above-average against comparable tools and supplies. Be sure to check back often for new lists of even more great ideas and time-saving garden products! 


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Be sure to check this list often, new products are continually added! 

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