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Great pyramid composter selection - find composting supplies, pyramid composters, and tips for using a pyramid composter safely.





Pyramid Composters for Less!


Pyramid Composter - If you think composting takes too much time you haven't tried using a pyramid composter. Not only are they attractive and easily put together, but pyramid composters pay off big in the long run by giving you nitrogen and nutrient-rich compost to use almost anywhere in your yard! Made out of durable Urethane plastic and small enough to fit anywhere in the yard, you'll be happy you chose a pyramid composter. The small price you pay upfront for this composter will pay off big when you realize just how much compost you will get out of it. Useful for composting year-round. Helps make your green thumb just a little greener! 


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Benefits to using a pyramid composter:
   - Makes very nitrogen and nutrient-rich compost for yard or garden use.
   - Use a pyramid composter year-round, regardless of weather.
   - Helps to encourage better plant growth than traditional bagged compost or fertilizer.
   - Easy to put together and small enough to place almost anywhere in any size yard for composting.

When you shop the Gardeners Supply Catalog online for a pyramid composter you will get both quality and a great price. If you haven't tried composting before you can discover the reasons why you should start now. See why pyramid composters have the advantage over other models offered. Once you try this machine you may never go back to another again! Order online for fast delivery.  

For other great information on choosing the best inside or outside garden supplies and tols, see our gardening supplies checklist and get user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, accessories and garden tools.

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