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slug traps - find bug traps and slug traps, insecticide, and other pesticides and insect killer at Gardening Essentials.





Slug Traps - Effective & Efficient


Slug Traps - Slugs are a common sight in the garden on cloudy days or after dark as they enjoy the damp environment found in shady or heavily mulched areas. Evidence of their presence can be seen by the large, irregular holes in the leaves of your plants. Slug traps or insecticide become more necessary as the ground retains more moisture. Savory fruits and vegetables have become a favorite of slugs, and finding the right slug trap may be the only way to save your precious garden. There are a number of different designs for slug traps and picking the right trap depends on your garden setup. For tips on picking the best trap for your situation visit today.


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slug and bug traps


To select the best slug trap for your garden we recommend visiting the Gardener's Catalog for all options available. Once you've begun to trap the slugs in your garden you can focus your attention on the real prize, a wonderful bounty of fruits, vegetables and flowers! Why let slugs kill what you've worked so hard to produce?

Tips for using slug traps in your garden:
- Place traps in areas where moisture collects most; slugs are drawn here.
- Be sure to check slug traps often and replace if necessary. 
- Place slug traps or insecticide near fruits and vegetables, slugs favorite targets.
- Be sure to follow directions on your chosen slug trap. Some trap designs require different handling and placement within your garden to capture the slugs.

Enter Here to shop the slug traps catalog from Gardener's Supply. 

For great tips on choosing the best garden supplies and accessories for your yard, see our gardening supplies checklist and get user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, bug traps, accessories and garden tools.

To start your search for slug traps to clear up your garden enter the catalog here.













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