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Worm bin factory - Worm compost is very beneficial for the growth and nurturing of most plants and trees. Starting worm compost requires attention to detail and a good worm bin.  Although customers have tried to make their own worm factory at home, it is recommended buy a complete worm compost kit from a quality retailer. These kits typically contain fibrous and nitrogen-rich material to start your worm bin off the right way. One key thing to keep in mind is to not overestimate the amount of food initially. Following the directions with your worm compost kit should result in a bountiful harvest of worms! 

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A light sprinkling of lime is beneficial. Burying food on alternate sides or around your worm compost bin is often used to good effect by worm farms. Covering new food with some semi-composted material cuts out smells and hurries the break down.

Tips for using worm bins:
- Bury food on alternate sides around your compost bin for worm distribution. 
- Never overestimate the amount of food to start your worm bin off with.
- Slight dampness is recommended on base of worm bin.
- A slight cover of composted material helps cut out worm compost odors.

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